7'-3" Wooden Surfboards

Here you can scroll through photos of our 7'-3" Dick Brewer wooden surfboards. A smaller version of our 10'-6" Dick Brewer hollow wooden surfboards, these guns are equally as beautiful, and are built to surf, as well. The skill and craftsmanship these wooden surfboards encompass is evident from every angle, deck to bottom, nose to fin.These gems can be purchased right here at our factory, and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Please call or email us here at the Haleiwa Surfboard Company factory to see which boards are available in our showroom. And keep in mind, if you like one that has already sold, no worries! We can duplicate the design to custom build your dream board. No two boards will ever be the same since wood grain is as unique as a fingerprint, but the design patterns can be matched.

We'd love to get something started for you!

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