10'-6" Hollow Wooden Surfboards               7'-3" Wooden Surfboards                 Surfboard rchives           

Here you can see one of our master craftsman, Ricardo Paes,
take you through each step of the board-making process from start to finish, here at Haleiwa Surfboard Company. There are 150 man hours invested in the making of each hollow wooden surfbboard. The jigs, machines, fixtures, and presses you see in these photos took over a year to fabricate.
Please be sure to check out the last few photos, as you will see one of our Dick Brewer hollow wooden surfboards being tested on the 
challenging waves of Waimea Bay, at the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Contest.
Ricardo Paes marking out glued up bottom skin
Glued up deck skin ready for marking & cutting
Deck & bottom skins ready for assembly
Presealing with marine epoxy
Placing skin in 8 ton hydraulic press
End-grain balsa structural frames
End -grain balsa structural frames
Frames being placed for assembly
Frames being places for assembly
Routing assembled blank
Double check
The rail jig
Blank complete
Completed blank ready for final shaping
Jim Yarborough turning down the rails
Finished blank gets aluzine resin coating, prior to glassing
Aluzine, check
At the glassers
Roger Erickson, ready to ride
Danilo Couto for a test run at Waimea Bay
Danilo approves, board is a success!