A message from the Maker     

Mahlon Klein (Lon Klein), the owner of the Haleiwa Surfboard Co. has a diverse background,  which encompasses architectural design, and construction, as well as fine woodworking. He is a dedicated surfer, who, at age 73, is ..."more stoked than ever about the sport."

"My main focus, when I was experimenting with various techniques for producing hollow wooden boards, was to create a blank that was super-strong, yet light enough to be maneuverable. Imagine surfing 15' Sunset on a guitar that has morphed into the perfect board for the occasion...that was my mission.

25 years, and over 250 boards later, I believe I've accomplished that mission, with two major plusses: the boards have a unique resonance in the water, they do almost sing...and, we found that the form and shape of the boards, along with a mirror gloss and polish polyester resin finish, sets off the beauty of the wood used beyond anything I could have imagined.

Now, we make not only 10'-6" hollow wooden surfboards created specifically as functional art/display pieces made from exquisite hardwoods like Koa, Mango, and Andiroba, but we also hand-craft smaller versions at 7'-3". They all truly deserve the description, 'functional art forms'."