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These beauties are our 10'-6" hand-crafted, hollow, wooden Dick Brewer Waimea gun surfboards. While all of these hollow wooden surfboards are built to surf 20'+ Waimea, most owners will never let theirs even touch water. These hollow wooden surfboards are indeed functional art forms, but, tend to live their days as wall hangers. Please email/call us at the Haleiwa Surfboard Company factory to see if we have any in stock in our showroom for wholesale. Otherwise, our hollow wooden surfboards can be found at Martin and MacArthur retail stores servicing most of the Hawaiian Islands.
*Available @ Haleiwa Surfboard Company
*Available @ Haleiwa Surfboard Company
***SOLD*** #222
***SOLD*** #222
***SOLD*** #221 Deck: Mango, Koa, Walnut, Edinam & Redwood rails
***SOLD*** #221 Bottom: Edinam
#219 Deck: Koa, Mango, Walnut with Obeche rails
#219 Bottom: Edinam
***SOLD*** #220 Deck: Curly Koa, Quilted Mango, Monkeypod
***SOLD*** #220 Bottom: Edinam & Redwood Rails
*SOLD* #218 Deck: Curly Koa, Mango, Kamani, Milo, Obeche
*SOLD* #218 Bottom: Obeche, Mahogany, & Redwood rails
***SOLD*** #217 Deck: Kau (rare), Mango, Obeche, Teak, Andiroba
***SOLD*** #217 Bottom: Kau (rare), Obeche, Mahogany, & Redwood rails
***SOLD***#216 Deck: Quilted Mango, Extreme Curly Koa, Kamani, Ob
***SOLD*** #216 Bottom: Andiroba, Edinam
***SOLD*** #216 Deck close-up: Quilted Mango, Extreme Curly Koa,
***SOLD*** #216 Deck close-up: Quilted Mango, Extreme Curly Koa,
*SOLD* #215 Deck: Zebra, Curly Koa, Obeche
*SOLD* #215 Close-Up: Zebra, Curly Koa, Obeche
*SOLD* #215 Bottom: Edinam, Teak, Andiroba
*SOLD* #213 Deck: Koa, Kau (rare), Kamani, Mango, Milo, Obeche
*SOLD* #213 Bottom: Edinam, Koa